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Online Campus Pastor

Pastor – Bedford, New Hampshire
Department Pastor
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Experienced

Online Campus Pastor 

Job Description  

Basic Assignment 

The online Campus Pastor is responsible for providing leadership to the Online Campus Ministry and helping guide the growth and formation of the online campus.  

Full-Time minimum of 40 hours per week.  


 Staff Relationship 

 Accountable to Executive Pastor, who will supervise, set goals, encourage and evaluate.  

Practice Matthew 18 and show 100% support in all decisions made as a team.  



Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, Biblical teaching / training preferred.  

Relational skills with the ability to build and work in team based structures.  

Effective communicator both written and verbal.  

Be of high moral and spiritual integrity.  

Experience in leading teams.  

Lifelong learner.

Technical experience in video broadcasting.  


Duties and Responsibilities  

Carries out the vision and mission of Manchester Christian Church “pray for One”  • Oversees all areas of the Online Ministry(video, internet, volunteer teams, pastoral care)

Weekly evaluates the worship experience and implements way to improve.   

Recruit, train, equip and deploy volunteers to the online ministry.  

Schedules volunteers for technology and service hosting.  

Responsible for the spiritual health of the Online Ministry.

A problem solver when issues arise only letting EP know them if needed.  

Works hard at setting an example for all pastor and ministry leaders.  

All other duties as assigned   



Catalytic leader: able to rally people to a cause.  

Values-Campion Connector: connecting people to God, people and the mission.  

Cheerleader: continually encouraging volunteers and staff   

Staff champion: cares for the spiritual, emotional, and familial health of staff.  


Conflict resolver: unafraid to tackle interpersonal conflicts or ministry misalignment.  


Loves our church; no question on understanding method or philosophy.  


Quality: looking for ways to improve guest experience, committed to excellence.  

Solution specialist: able to identify problems and find solutions.  

Self-aware individual: knows where they are weak; finds others to fill in those gaps.  


Relational leader: friendly and approachable.  


Person of integrity: makes solid decisions based on lifelong values.  

Disciple: in all areas of life.  Fully devoted to following Jesus in everything he does.  


Leader at home: concerning spiritual or emotional health issues within his family.  


Learner: can take direction and feedback well and has a great desire to learn.  

Equipping Leader  

Team builder who can identify high-capacity leaders able to build out teams.  

Talent scout: always on the lookout for new leaders and volunteers.  

Pastor: has a heart to identify leaders and build systems to care for the congregation. Reproducer: reproducers leaders, followers of Christ, always building teams.  

Success is defined by… 

More people in the Kingdom of Heaven in the shortest amount of time.  

Creating the best possible environment while eliminating the most possible distractions.

Tracking numbers of people connecting to God, people and mission.  

Passionate alignment: there is excitement about the vision of our church.  

Growing intentionally: weekly connecting more people to the mission of the church.  

Developing as a leader: reading, learning, and investing in yourself as well as others.  

New volunteers being trained to lead areas of ministries you oversee.   

Collaborative creativity: creativity and innovation with other campuses and the ministry that flourishes is shared with all other location  

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